I remember one of my favorite high school teachers (an English teacher by the name of Indrani Sen) once recommending that I keep a journal of some sorts, recording my experiences in life. The idea of a ‘thought diary’ always seemed a bit tacky to me. It is now, 6 years later, in 2017 that the idea of a journal of sorts does not seem quite so outlandish anymore.

After having moved to St. Louis as a software developer, I often look back to more simpler days in high school and college, and realize that I only have fleeting images and memories of those wonderful years. Perhaps those days deserve a bit more recognition than that. If not for you, the reader, perhaps my own sensibilities. I guess at some point, I do want to look back and gaze upon where life has taken me.

And so, here’s to my future adventures. Being a foodie, toy modeler and programmer, and PC gamer I don’t suppose all of the material here will be very relatable, but I do hope you find it interesting.

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